All the metropolitan teams are doing well at the start of 2015

After Met 1 team's win against Mushrooms 1 they now hold second place in Div 2

Division Two Trophy: Metropolitan 1 vs Mushrooms 1

Date: 19-02-2015, Division: Two, Trophy: Division Two Trophy

BoardHome playerResultAway playerGrading
difference (Δ)
one Tanguy Deflesselle s200,A Tanguy Deflesselle had the black pieces 0-1 Tim W Pelling s202,B   Tim W Pelling s202,B had the white pieces -2
two Manuel Perez Carballo s183,C  Manuel Perez Carballo had the white pieces 1-0 Rory MR O'Kelly s181,E   Rory MR O'Kelly s181,E had the black pieces +2
three D Ian Calvert s176,X  D Ian Calvert had the black pieces 0-1 Finlo N Rohrer s175,A  Finlo N Rohrer s175,A had the white pieces +1
four Petr Vachtfeidl s170,A  Petr Vachtfeidl had the white pieces 1-0 David J Wilson s176,B  David J Wilson s176,B had the black pieces -6
five George Dickson s166,X  George Dickson had the black pieces 1-0 Richard J Nash s172,C   Richard J Nash s172,C had the white pieces -6
six Soumen Roy s171,C  Soumen Roy had the white pieces 1-0 William A Linton s167,C   William A Linton s167,C had the black pieces +4
seven Marek Vlcek s162,A Marek Vlcek had the black pieces 1-0 Nick Faulks s168,D    Nick Faulks s168,D had the white pieces -6
eight Adegbenga Amusa s163,B  Adegbenga Amusa had the white pieces 1/2-1/2 David Sedgwick s167,B  David Sedgwick s167,B had the black pieces -4
nine Noel M Stewart s156,A  Noel M Stewart had the black pieces 0-1 Jacques Tivillier s158,C  Jacques Tivillier s158,C had the white pieces -2
ten Kevin P Lenaghan s146,C  Kevin P Lenaghan had the white pieces 1-0 RAN Balchin s141,D    RAN Balchin s141,D had the black pieces +5
Mean grading Home team: 169.3 Away team: 170.7 Δ = -1.4
match result: 6.5 — 3.5
with no games adjourned

Met 2 are also in second place in Div 3

Met 3 are in 3rd in Div 4 and Met 4 are in 9th in Div 4

The Major team is in 3rd place and the Minor team is in 2nd

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