The time has come to organise our internal Metropolitan Chess Club Summer Tournament.

You can enter by e-mail or by letting me know in person at the club.

As always there will be four sections, in order of strength, these are:
- Championship
- Naumann Cup
- Silver King
- Silver Queen

Some of the rules:
 - Registration will close on Thursday 31st May
 - First game will be on Thursday 14th June
 - Last game will be before the end of August
 - The default time control will be quick play, unless both players want slow play
 - All results are sent to the ECF for grading
 - Entries are divided into groups with players of similar level
 - In case of a tie the final order will be decided by the Sonneborn–Berger score. If that also results in a tie then the trophy will be shared.

There will be an entry fee of £5 which should be paid to me before the first game is played.

Please let me know by the end of May if you want to play.

I will circulate the groups, full details for the tournament, rules, fixtures and contact list in early June.
Please see Ray or myself for more information.

Kind Regards

Peter Szabo